About Us

What is a Raw tender?

A person who takes pride in concocting new recipes using fresh raw fruits and vegetables mainly by juicing or blending ingredients. You know, like a RAW Bartender...
Coldpressed juices are known to be the HEALTHIEST way to drink juice! When something is cold pressed it means it was juiced by a machine that extracts juice through the tremendous pressure exerted by a hydraulic press. Maximum amounts of vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes and other vital elements are preserved rather than killed compared to different juicing processes.
Rawtenders starts with fresh produce and a highly specialized cold pressed juicing machine that applies over 10 tons of pressure to extract mouth-watering raw nectar. Rawtenders coldpressed juices are minimally exposed to air and bottled immediately to ensure freshness. The best part of our method allows us to create a juice that contains 6 times more vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients than any other juicer.
Rawtenders specializes in pressing healthy Individual bottled juices for routine consumption! In layman's terms, you can drink these everyday! Use them as a meal replacement, throw some protein powder in them as a pre-workout supplement before you hit the gym or add them into your meal plan to receive the utmost vitamins and nutrients throughout your day...but that's just the beginning,..